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Star Trek Fandom Newsletter

These are the voyages...

Star Trek Newsletter
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A fandom newsletter for all incarnations of Star Trek
Livejournal - the Final Frontier. These are the archives of the newsletter trek_news. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new posts, to seek out new fics and new communities, to boldly go where no fan has gone before.

Starfleet Personnel:

trek_news is Star Trek fandom's first newsletter devoted to bringing together each day's batch of Star Trek-related news and fannish pursuits in one easy-to-read package.

Delving through the daily output of all the different franchises, we try to bring you all the fannish Trek content Livejournal and Dreamwidth have to offer, but we're only human (or possibly Klingon) and it's entirely possible we'll miss things. In cases like that, it's up to you to open hailing frequencies and let us know if we've missed something awesome! Leaving a comment on the most recent post is the best way to ensure your link will be picked up for the next edition. You can also send an e-mail to trek.news@gmail.com, but be warned that we tend to get quite a wave of spam, and it may take up to a week to find your e-mail. We promise we're not trying to ignore you!


What do you link?

The best way to answer this question is to go through our earlier posts and see our content. The majority of it consists of fanfic, icons, fanart, meta, fic searches, and any news we may encounter. As mentioned above, please feel free to contact us with anything you think may be of interest to the fandom (including your own content!).

Please note that the focus of this newsletter, even during these quiet between-movies times, is on new material, ideally posted within the past couple of days.

Where do you find your links?

For the most part, we grab our content from a watchlist imaginatively named trekwatch. If you'd like us to pick up your Trek-related content on Livejournal, let us know and trekwatch will start following you. We only link to public content. If you have a post that will become private or members-only after a certain number of days, we will likely give it a miss.

We link material from any and all Star Trek franchises. The editors and our readers come from all different parts of fandom, so we have folks who discovered Trek with the new movie, we have folks who were writing Kirk/Spock before internet fandom was a thing, and we have folks who grew up with Jean-Luc Picard or Ben Sisko or Kathryn Janeway or Jonathan Archer. We all have opinions on which is the best Trek, so rest assured, your Trek content is more than welcome here. If your post was missed, it may be because that day's editor isn't familiar with your corner of Trek and scrolled past the post. Again, we're not avoiding you on purpose! Just drop a comment on the latest newsletter and it'll get picked up by the next day's editor.

Okay, but how about Dreamwidth? Tumblr? AO3?

This is something we'll have to address more in the coming months as fandom continues its expansion/migration to different platforms. For now, our policy is to link primarily to Livejournal posts (if only because our watchlist is built that way), although we have a feed for many of the major Dreamwidth communities. Since fandom's been quieter lately, we've occasionally been linking to new stories on AO3, although that content has been up to the discretion of individual authors. In terms of Tumblr posts, we don't yet have a plan in place, although if you find content there that you think would be of interest, feel free to leave us a link in the comments of the latest newsletter.

My fic/art didn't get linked! What gives?

Even when the fandom's as quiet as it is now, some posts will inevitably slip through the cracks. One way to ensure your fic/art is linked is to include some header information! We appreciate that you include a list of characters/pairings, a rating, and a title at the absolute minimum. Any post lacking any of this material may be missed.

Heeey, I've got some download links for everything ever, wouldn't you like to-

WHOA WAIT NO. We can't link to material that flagrantly violates copyright, folks. Sorry about that. Borderline cases (such as sale of products based on the Trek franchise) will be discussed among the editors, but we will tend to err on the side of caution. For more info on this, feel free to send an e-mail to trek.watch@gmail.com or PM your friendly neighbourhood editors.

How about RPF?

Real-person fiction is a contentious issue in fandom and beyond. trek_news, at this time, does not link to fic/art depicting non-fictional, non-historical people.

You linked to my content and I'm not comfortable with that. Can you remove it?

Of course! Our semi-automatic approach to linking anything and everything means we may grab something you're not comfortable with the fandom-at-large seeing (though we never link to private/members-only posts). If that happens, please let us know, either via a comment on the newsletter in question, a PM to an editor, or an e-mail to trek.watch@gmail.com, and we will remove it. If you'd like a post to not be linked in the future, please add a little note like "IGNORE THIS POST trek_news" in a prominent place.

If you've got questions about any of the above inclusions or exclusions, let us know!

I've just been friended by trekwatch. Is this you guys? What does this mean?

trekwatch is our friendly neighbourhood watchlist - without it, compiling the newsletter would be much more difficult. If you've been friended, it only means that you've posted Trek-related material and we're ready to link anything else you might post. We can't see any of your locked posts, so please don't friend trekwatch back. If you're uncomfortable with being on the list, for whatever reason, just contact us via e-mail or comment on any of our posts and we'll be happy to remove you.

I'm not on the watchlist, but I post fanfic/write filk/share my thoughts/compose epic poetry about Star Trek. Does this mean I won't be linked?

If you're not on the watchlist, or if you don't post to one of the communities on the watchlist, chances are good that you'll fall between the cracks and get missed out. But don't despair! Just e-mail or comment requesting to be added to the watchlist, and we'll be happy to do so. Even if you'd rather not be on the watchlist, let us know if you've got an individual link you'd like us to include. Hailing frequencies are always open!

How often is the newsletter posted?

Barring the odd missed edition, the newsletter has been posted daily since May 18, 2009.

Can I help?

Certainly! Check out the special message below if you're interested in joining our team.

If you suspect the life of an editor isn't for you, you can still help by letting us know if we've missed any links, communities, or users on our watchlist.

A Special Message to Cadets:

Want to join our crew? We'd love to have you! Please send an e-mail to trek.watch@gmail.com or PM eponymous_rose if you're interested. You will need an LJ account for this (you can create one expressly for the purpose of posting). Please include your LJ username, a little blurb describing what you've done in fandom, and your availability. A typical newsletter takes about an hour to compile, and we have openings for both weekly editors and backup editors to take over when our weeklies are absent. No experience is necessary, although it's definitely an asset if you're gunning for one of our weekly positions! We'll walk you through the whole process and give you all the resources you need.



Many thanks to babel, without whom none of this would be possible!